domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

The subjectivity of the crisis in Venezuela and the entrepreneurship of talent. Many companies in Venezuela face every second extreme situation due to the financial crisis, and to a certain extent to the loss of values ​​that has been experienced in recent years, the strategies founded in the beginnings of all companies have been seen in the Need to rethink on the part of managers and managers, who, not for lack of experience can not and should not continue with the original context of the working mechanism, since not only the particular Venezuelan crisis affects the society, also economic situations worldwide do A "DOMINO" effect in the other economies, why? Due to the great interconnection between all countries in the framework of bilateral relations, whether private or governmental. This is a subject of great complexity that we will study later, for the moment we will refer to the Venezuelan case. The Venezuelan territory is and will always be a very rich country because of its diversity of resources to exploit, that is why a country rich in many aspects provide great opportunities that many in previous decades have been able to take advantage of, these in turn, provided opportunities for Growth to people who developed technical and cognitive capacities to begin economic entrepreneurship roles, thus breaking barriers of marginalization and fostering integration, it is clear that when we look at the economic history of Venezuela, we clearly see the prosperity of many and the Stability of others. There are cases, (that is, in all countries) where there are foci of conformism, this creates a great secular vulnerability when creating an opportunity to create a life plan. The interesting thing about all this is that many in Venezuela were not prepared to face a crisis of considerable scales, thus moving from the comfort zone to many, this has led many people and companies to rethink to face more efficiently and effectively storms Economic development. Here we have two fundamental aspects: that of the manager who should seek better strategies of ADAPTABILITY and that of people who take the undertaking as a form of personal and family subsistence. The integration of production companies, strategic alliances, participatory integration of human capital and an in-depth study of the global crisis can provide some gradual improvements to many that can be found. Entrepreneurship is a good opportunity for economic growth posed correctly, avoiding a speculative venture.

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