viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016


In Venezuela discuss challenges is always talk of fears in some, the Venezuelan economy is currently at a very low purchasing power with respect to the quality of life that many people want to understand this phenomenon that has become the subject of all days, enough to be Venezuelan and live the high costs that meet the needs that many are looking for family subsistence. We know the problem, now it is time to look no definitive solicion, but a real and viable alternative as counter the Venezuelan income level. ENTREPRENEURSHIP as life plan has proven to be an honest, conventional and imaginative in creating economic forms for many people. You know that, according to an annual study called: MONITOR GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP. That said, that business about 2,000,000 are created in Venezuela and that the vast majority do not survive the first three years.? Many will say, it is logical, with the current system of government, which is valid, but people continue with the idea of ​​starting their own business.? They are about people who believe in itself, an idea and are persistent in that, you know take risks and are able to do controllably. The only trick in all this is to be organized, and seek appropriate advice to help them provide better shape this venture. Beyond the political nuances, exists and will exist people who think they can write their own destiny, simply because the Venezuelan excuse not have the word in their vocabulary.

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